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Contact Us If you have any apparatus that you would like for us to add, have an incident to share with us or an upcoming event, please check out the Contact Us area in the upper right portion of the...


Genesee Open House

Charles Broshous Photo © 2014
Genesee Fire Rescue Station Open House Genesee Fire Rescue held their annual open house on September 27th 2014. Members of the mountain community came out to meet with firefighters, tour the station,...


Department Update

Charles Broshous Photo ©
Department Update We have added Adams County Fire Rescue If your department is not found within our Apparatus pages we would like to showcase your department on 5280Fire. If you are interested in...


Weld County Flooding

Photo Courtesy of Englewood Fire
Mutual Aid From Across The Front Range Respond With resources depleted and much work needing to be done, mutual aid units from several departments came together to assist in Weld County.  The...

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NWFR 13th Annual Candy Cane...

Candy Cane Festival
North Washington Visits Candy Cane Festival The 13th Annual Candy Cane Festival was held at Hammond’s Candies on December 13th and 14th. The North Washington Fire Protection District and the Adams...

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