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Contact Us If you have any apparatus that you would like for us to add, have an incident to share with us or an upcoming event, please check out the Contact Us area in the upper right portion of the...


ARFF Training At DIA

Charles Broshous Photo © 2014
DIA Live Fire Training Denver Firefighters assigned to Denver International Airport engaged in Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) training on May 27th, 2014.  Denver Firefighters used three...


Apparatus & Station Update

Rick Luebke Photo ©
Apparatus & Station Update We have added Red, White & Blue Engine 4, West Metro Collapse Rescue, Denver Collapse Rescue, Windsor Severance Medic 4221, Windsor Severance Medic 4223...


Reservoir Road Wildland Fire

Reservoir Road Wildland Fire
Reservoir Road Wildland Fire 09/13 ~ Just after 10 am Loveland Fire was alerted to grass fire at 663 Reservoir Road, near Flatiron Reservoir. Within moments of the tone Engine 3 reported a plume...

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SWAC Chief Ditolla Retirement

Charles Broshous Photo © 2014
Ditolla Retires As Chief Of Southwest Adams County 01/02 ~ After 45 years of dedicated service to the citizens of his community, Southwest Adams Chief George Ditolla Jr. has hung up his helmet.  The...

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