Eisenhower/Johnson Memorial Tunnel Fire & Emergency Services

Eisenhower / Johnson Memorial Tunnel (EJMT) Fire & Emergency Services, 2 stations covering 6 square miles in Clear Creek & Summit Counties (Colorado). The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) provides emergency fire and traffic collision response within the Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels. (FDID #01915)

Eisenhower / Johnson Memorial Tunnel was completed in 1979 and spans 1.7 miles in a maximum elevation of 11,158 feet. The structure is staffed 24/7 by numerous CDOT employees that constantly monitor road, tunnel and traffic conditions in and around the tunnel. A group of employees make up the emergency response team that staffs the fire and recuse apparatus whenever an incident occurs.

The tunnel is split between Clear Creek County and Summit County, and those counties also respectively respond depending on what side of the tunnel and side the incident occurs.

Station 1 – East Portal
Station 2 – West Portal