5280Fire would like to thank all the contributors that have helped make this website, with all the long hours and research. The following list can go on forever, but we would like to say thank you so much to the following that have helped us out so much:


Photographers / Contributors / Dispatchers:

Andrew Huang (Dispatcher)

Antonio Archuleta – Colorado Bravest

Blake Wertz – Wertz Fire Photography

Cameron Sagers

Charles Broshous

Dennis Kahler (Dispatcher)

Dennis Maag

Dustin Cox

Ian Zahn

James Gillum

Jeremiah Herderich

John Baker

John Lacey

Keith Kahler

Kyler Hewes – Code 4 Photography

Matthew Goldberg

Michael Block

Mike Leven

Rick Davis

Rick Luebke

Rod Blakney

Sarah Sagers

Tim McChesney

Tim Tonge

Weston Heiser


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Hook & Halligan


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Yavin Digital


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And 5280Fire would also like to send out a special thank you to the following:

Amber Jones, Deanna Harrington, Michelle Cherniske – Arvada Fire Protection District

Bernie Covillo – Front Range Fire Protection District

Brandon Donner

Brian Zoril – Foothills Fire Protection District

Bridgette Cumley – Bennett Watkins Fire Protection District

Carlos A. Briano – Adams County Fire Rescue

Chris Park

Dan Keith

Eric Hurst – South Metro Fire Rescue

Jamie Markham

Jim Richardson – MNN / Mountain News Network

John Bales – Golden Fire Department

Matthew Carlson – 911 Patches

Michael Davis – Elk Creek Fire Protection District

Michael Parks

Monica Wasden – Proformanceapparel

Paulie Johnston

Rich Solomon – Sable Altura Fire Rescue

Ronda Scholting – West Metro Fire Rescue

Sabrina Iacovetta – Thornton Fire Department

Sara Farris – North Metro Fire Rescue

Spencer Rice – Poudre Fire Rescue

Todd Bruin – Denver Fire Department

and all the fire chiefs, fire personnel and whoever we may not have listed a big thank you over the years, we really appreciate everything because this website would not be here if not for all of your help.