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Aaron Johnson (Contributor)

Aaron Weiner (Contributor)

Andrew Huang (Admin/Photographer/Contributor/Dispatcher)

Antonio Archuleta (Editor/Photographer/Contributor)

*Blake Wertz (Contributor)

Brandon Donner (Contributor)

Brian Brindisi (Contributor)

Brian Young (Contributor)

Cameron Sagers (Photographer/Contributor)

Charles Broshous (Author/Photographer/Contributor)

Chris Rodgers – Code 10 Photography (Photographer/Contributor)

Curtis Sagers (Photographer/Contributor)

Dan Keith (Contributor)

*David Willmann (Contributor)

Dennis Kahler (Photographer/Contributor/Dispatcher)

Dennis Maag (Contributor)

*Dennis McFarland (Contributor)

*Dustin Cox (Photographer/Contributor)

Eric Books / ERV Photography by Eric (Minnesota Division: Contributor)

Erik Velez (Photographer/Contributor)

Ethan Dunlop (Photographer/Contributor)

Ian Zahn (Photographer/Contributor)

Jamie Markham (Contributor)

James Fabiano (Contributor)

James Gillum (Contributor)

Jeremiah Herderich (Photographer/Contributor)

Johnny Conrad (Contributor)

John Baker (Photographer/Contributor)

John Imig (Contributor)

John Lacey (Indiana Division: Photographer/Contributor)

Keith Kahler (Photographer/Contributor/Dispatcher)

Kyler Hewes – Code 4 Photography (Editor/Photographer/Contributor)

*Lilyana Jackson (Contributor)

Marlana Luebke (Contributor)

Matthew Assell (Photographer/Contributor)

Matthew Goldberg (Nevada Division: Photographer/Contributor)

Michael Block (Contributor)

Michael Miera (Photographer/Contributor)

*Michael Parks (Contributor)

Mike Leven (Contributor)

Mike Melton (Photographer/Contributor)

Nate Siebert (Photographer/Contributor)

*Nick Lambert (Contributor)

Noah Jones (Photographer/Contributor)

*Paulie Johnston (Contributor)

Peter Reichardt (Photographer)

Rick Davis (Contributor)

Rick Luebke (Admin/Photographer/Contributor/Dispatcher)

*Robert Widom (Photographer/Contributor)

Samuel Barton (Photographer/Contributor)

Sarah Sagers (Photographer/Contributor)

Shaun Ryan (Contributor)

Steve Nelson (Photographer)

*Steven Kerbel (Contributor)

Tee Than (Photographer)

Tim McChesney (Photographer/Contributor)

Tim Tonge (Photographer/Contributor)

*Tucker Dole (Photographer/Contributor)

Weston Heiser (Editor/Photographer/Contributor/Dispatcher)


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And 5280Fire would also like to send out a special thank you to the following:

Arvada Fire Protection District

Amber Jones, Deanna Harrington, Michelle Kircher – Arvada Fire Protection District

Bernie Covillo – Front Range Fire Protection District

Bridgette Cumley – Bennett Watkins Fire Protection District

Carlos A. Briano – Adams County Fire Rescue

Denver Fire Department

Eric Hurst – South Metro Fire Rescue

Greg Pixley – Denver Fire Department

Jim Richardson – MNN / Mountain News Network

John Bales – Former Fire Chief of Golden Fire Department

Matthew Carlson – 911Patches

Mark Campbell – Former Fire Investigator

Michael Davis – Elk Creek Fire Protection District

Rich Solomon – Sable Altura Fire Rescue

Rob Sprenkle – South Metro Fire Rescue

Ronda Scholting – West Metro Fire Rescue

Sabrina Iacovetta – Thornton Fire Department

Sara Farris – North Metro Fire Rescue

Spencer Rice – Poudre Fire Rescue

Todd Bruin – Denver Fire Department

and all the fire chiefs, fire personnel and whoever we may not have listed a big thank you over the years, we really appreciate everything because this website would not be here if not for all of your help.

Thank You