Tallahassee Fire Protection District

Tallahassee Fire Protection District (TFPD), established in 1999 covering 361 square miles in Fremont County (Colorado) including the areas of Autumn Creek, Badger Creek, Black Gulch, Cabin Creek, Cactus Mountain, Canyon Springs, Cap Rock Ridge, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood River Ranch, Cuerno Verde, Currant Creek, Delilah Peak, Deer Haven, Deer Park, Gribble Mountain, Hecox, High Park, Little Mack Gulch, Loco Mountain, King Meadow, Mack Gulch, Mill Gulch, Nash Ranch, Parkdale, Parkdale Bridge, Rock Gulch, Seymour Gulch, Soaring Eagle Ranch, South T-Bar, Stirrup Ranch, Stoney Face Mountain, Table Mountain, Tallahassee Creek, Tallahassee Trails, 12-Mile Park, Wapiti Trail, Waugh Mountain & Webster Park. (FDID #04365)

Tallahassee Fire Protection District was established in 1999 as the Tallahassee Rural Fire Protection Association (TRFPA), and later known as the Tallahassee Volunteer Fire Protection, Inc (TVFPI) and was organized on November 28th, 2016 as the Tallahassee Fire Protection District (TFPD) in 2016.

Station 1 – 12 Mile Park
Station 2 – Canyon Springs
Station 3 – Cabin Creek
Station 4 – Autumn Creek
Station 5 – King Meadow
Station 6 – South T-Bar
Command / Support
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