Upper Pine River Fire Protection District

Upper Pine River Fire Protection District (UPRFPD), founded in 1974 covering 284 square miles in La Plata & Archuleta Counties (Colorado) including the areas of Alpine Forest, Arrowhead Hill, Beaver Creek Ranch, Beaver Meadows, Ben Springs, Bayfield, Bellflower, Ben Springs, Colvig Silver, Cool Water Ranch, Dark Canyon, Dove Ranch, Dove Ridge, Gem Village, Green Ridge, Gut Canyon, Eagle Park, Elk Meadow, Emerald Heights, Florida River, Forest Groves, Forest Lakes, Freeman Creek, Harper Pond, Hartman Canyon, Hayden Creek, Holman Canyon, Jack Creek, Lake Simpatico, Lake Vallecito, Lake View, Lemon Reservoir, Lange Canyon, Longview, Los Pinos River, Ludwig Mountain, Misty Mountain, Patton Canyon, Pine River Ranch, Pine River Valley, Pine Valley, Red Creek, Ridge Crest, Ritter Canyon, Rocky Creek Ranch, Root Creek, San Juan National Forest, Severn Peak, Shaefer Mountain, Shamrock, Trail Canyon, True Creek, Vallecito, Vallecito Reservoir, Valley View, Vosburg Pike , Wickenson Gulch, Wickenson Mountain, Wind Song & Wommer Reservoir. (FDID #06760)

Upper Piner River Fire Protection District was created with the merger of the Vallecito Fire Department and the Bayfield Volunteer Fire Department in 1974. The Forest Lake Metro District Fire Department merged into the district in 1988. In 2006, the district transitioned from volunteer to a paid department.

Upper Pine River Fire Protection District is dispatched by Durango / La Plata Emergency Communications Center.

Station 61 – Bayfield
Station 62 – Vallecito
Station 63 – Longview
Station 64 – Vallecito Lake
Station 65 – Forest Lakes
Station 66 – Ben Springs
Station 67 – Via Vista
Station 68 – Wickenson Gulch
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