Northglenn Ambulance

Northglenn Ambulance (NGA) located in Adams County (Colorado). The headquarters is located in Northglenn with other EMS stations located in Sand Creek Business Park, South Denver, College View & Englewood. 

Northglenn Ambulance was founded in 1963 by the citizens of the area which would be incorporated as the City of Northglenn. Community volunteers provided oversight and operations for our company until the end of 1989 when our first paid staff members were introduced. In 1994 the service area expanded outside of the city boundaries of Northglenn including Arapahoe & Denver Counties.

Northglenn Ambulance / South Adams County Paramedics was the primary 9-1-1 EMS provider for the South Adams County Fire Department and the contract was terminated on May 31st, 2022 at midnight.

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