Mesa Fire & Medical Department

Mesa Fire & Medical Department (MFMD), established in 1898 and covering 50 square miles in Maricopa County including the areas of Alma Gardens, McAfee Heights, Falcon Field, Fraser Fields, Granite Reef Vista Park, Northgrove, Santo Tomas Mesa, Shadow Canyon, Thunder Mountain, Valley View, Williams Gateway Airport & Wintercone Park.

Mesa Fire & Medical Department fire stations are divided into three battalions. Battalion Chief’s supervise all three battalions. Battalion 201 also serves as the East Deputy Chief for valley wide response. Battalion 201 is responsible for the west side of the city. Battalion 203 services the north and east side of the city and Battalion 202 is responsible for the central corridor and the southeast portion of the city.

Station 201 – Glenwood
*Station 202 – McAfee Place
Station 203 – Alma Gardens
Station 204 – Pace II East
*Station 205 – Sunland Village
*Station 206 – McAfee Heights
*Station 207 – Dobson Ranch
*Station 208 – Falcon Field Airport
*Station 209 – Golden Hills
*Station 210 – Kingsborough Park
*Station 211 – Wintercone Park
*Station 212 – Marbella
*Station 213 – Adobe Hills
*Station 214 – Shadow Canyon
*Station 215 – Williams Gateway Airport
*Station 216 – Valley View
*Station 217 – Sunland Springs Village
*Station 218 – Santo Tomas Mesa
*Station 219 – Mountain Heights
*Station 220 – Granite Reef Vista Park
*No Station Information at this time
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