South Placer Fire District

South Placer Fire District (SPFD), covering 55 square miles in Placer County (California) including the areas of Del Oro, Folsom Lake, Granite Bay, Hidden Valley, Kingmont, Loomis, Newcastle, Olive Ranch, Penryn, Treelake & Woodbridge.

South Placer Fire District was formed in 1952 and was administered as part of the Citrus Heights Fire District (CHFD). CHFD operated a paid Fire District and brought a paid administrative staff to SPFD to oversee volunteer operations. In 1962, SPFD formally ended its agreement with the CHFD and the CHFD chiefs that were working at SPFD became the first full-time paid personnel of the organization. In 2017, the South Placer Fire District and Loomis Fire District consolidated (Loomis Fire District was formed in 1930 as a volunteer organization).

Station 15 – Treelake
Station 16 – Olive Ranch
Station 17 – Granite Bay
Station 18 – Loomis
Station 19 – Hidden Valley
Station 20 – Kingmont
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