Daytona Beach Fire Department

Daytona Beach Fire Department (DBFD), located in Volusia County (Florida) including the areas of Bellevue Business Park, Cate Gray, Cedar Highland, Daytona Beach International Airport, Daytona International Speedway, Derbyshire Park, East Daytona, Halifax Harbor, Halifax River, Hodgmans Daytona, Holy Hill, Kingley Court, Lincoln Park, Lionspaw, Mason Hills, McGill Park, Orange Island, Pelican Bay, Regal Village, Riverfront Park, Rosalyn Park, Schulte Park, Silver Beach, South Beach, Sunnyland Park & Tealwood.

Daytona Beach Fire Department was originally formed as The Daytona Beach Volunteer Fire Department in 1898. In 1909 the first paid fire chief was hired and the name of the department was changed to the Daytona Beach Fire Department. In the mid-1970’s, city management implemented a cross-trained Public Safety Department which combined the police and fire departments into one department. This system was costly and cross training lowered morale, and later the fire and police separated into their own departments. In the early 1990’s, city officials wanted a combined Public Safety Department. This time they did not ask for cross-trained employees. Instead, the Fire Department just fell under the authority of the Police Chief with a Commander of the Fire Division under him. This only lasted until 1996 when the police and fire departments were once again separated.

Station 1 – Downtown
*Station 2 – Rosalyn Park
Station 3 – East Daytona
*Station 4 – Tealwood
*Station 5 – Sunnyland Park
*Station 6 – Pelican Bay
*Station 7 – Lionspaw
Command / Support
*No Station information at this time
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