Orlando Fire Department

Orlando Fire Department, located in Orange County (Florida) including the areas of Audubon Park, Baldwin Park, Callahan, Carver Shores, Clear Lake, College Park, Colonialtown, Coytown, Crescent Park, Delaney Park, Dover, Dover Manor, Dover Shores, Dixie Belle, East Park, Highland, Metro West, Kirkman North, Lake Cherokee, Lake Eola Heights, Lake Fairview, Lake Formosa, Lake Mann Gardens, Lake Nona, Lake Sunset, North Orange, Medical City, Millenia, Orlando Executive Airport, Orlando International Airport, Orwin Manor, Paramore, Park Central, Park Land, Rock Lake, Rosemont, Seaboard, Southport, Universal, Valencia Collage, Vista East, Wadeview Park, Washington Shores, Westfield & Windhover.

Orlando Fire Department, was originally started in 1883 when WC Sherman, who had been a member of the Boston Fire Department, came to Orlando. He immediately organized a volunteer fire company and became its first chief. Their original equipment consisted of a hose, reel and a bucket brigade. In 1885, the men asked the town council for a horse, harness and hose wagon and the department was organized with three companies which consisted of the Orlando Fire Department, Orlando Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 and the Orlando Hose Company No. 1. All three of the companies consolidated into the Orlando Fire Department in July of 1885. Approximately six volunteer companies began using the name Orlando Fire Department in 1890. The Mechanics Hose and Engine Company No. 2. was formed in 1892, and in 1893 all volunteer companies consolidated under Mechanics Hose Company No. 1. Orlando Fire Department became a paid department in 1923. In 1980 the department changed the name to the Orlando Fire and Rescue Department, but changed the name back to Orlando Fire Department in 1981. 

Orlando Fire Department is dispatched by the Orlando Fire Department Communication Center.

Station 1 – Downtown
*Station 2 – Callahan
*Station 3 – Paramore / College Park
*Station 4 – Colonialtown North
*Station 5 – Delaney Park
*Station 6 – Orlando Executive Airport
*Station 7 – Washington Shores
*Station 8 – Orlando International Airport
*Station 9 – Rosemont
Station 10 – Universal Orlando
*Station 11 – Dixie Belle
*Station 12 – Metro West
*Station 13 – Southport
*Station 14 – Vista East
*Station 15 – Lake Nona / East Park
*Station 16 – Medical City
*Station 17 – Millenia
Command / Support
*No Station information at this time
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