Evansville Fire Department

Evansville Fire Department (EFD), founded in 1888 and covering 44.6 square miles in Vanderburgh County (Indiana) including the areas of Angel Mounds, Ashumbala State Nature Preserve, Baptisttown, Bayard Park, Bellemeade, Cedar Fall, Cedar Hill, Culver, Dexter, Diamond, Eagle Creek, Eagle Slough Natural Area, Eastview, Glenwood, Goosetown, Green River, Haynies Corner, Helfrich, Hilltop, Howell, Jeannette, Jimtown, Kathleen, Kleymeyer Park, Kuester Park, Lamasco, Lincolnshire, Lynch, Mesker Park, Morgan, Mt. Auburn, North Country Club, North Park, Nurenbern Ditch, Old Erie, Pigeon Creek, Poplar Grove, Rolling Greens, Rosedale South, Ross Center, Seasons Ridge, Smythe, Spring Park, Star, Tepe Park, Timber Park, Washington Square, Western Terrance & Wheeler.

Station 1 – Downtown
*Station 2 – Lynch
*Station 3 – Star
Station 4 – Spring Park
Station 5 – Helfrich
*Station – Rolling Greens
*Station 7 – Howell
*Station 8 – Diamond
*Station 9 – Smythe
*Station 10 – Jimtown
*Station 14 – Rosedale South
*Station 15 – Eastview
*Station 16 – Dexter
*Station 17 – North Park
*No Station Information at this time
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