Wichita Fire Department

Wichita Fire Department (WFD), located in Sedgwick County (Kansas) including the areas of Benjamin Hills, Buffalo Park, Chisholm Creek, College Hill, Comotara Mainsgate Village, Crestview, Crown Heights, Delano, Eastbrough, East Front, Eastridge, El Pueblo, Fairmount, Forest Vierw, Grandview Heights, Greenbriar, Harrison Park, Hilltop, Ken-Mar, Lincoln Park, Linwood, Longview, MacAdams, MacDonald, Maple Gardens, Matlock Heights, Mead, Meadowlark, McCormick, Meadowlark, Old Town, Orchard Breeze, Orchard Park, Planeview Park, Riverside, Rockhurst, Rolling Hills, Schweiter, Sherwood Glem Sierra Hills, South City, Southwest Village, Southwest Wichita, Stanley, Sunflower, Sunset Park, Westlink, Wilbur.

Wichita Fire Department was first organized with several volunteer fire companies in 1872 and organized in 1886.

*Station 1
*Station 2 – Lincoln Park
*Station 3 – El Pueblo
*Station 4 – McCormick
*Station 5 – Uptown
*Station 6 – Crestview
*Station 7 – Benjamin Hills
*Station 8 – Orchard Breeze
Station 9 – Eastborough
*Station 10 – Matlock Heights
*Station 11 – Mead
Station 12 – Southwest Wichita
*Station 13 – Sherwood Glen
*Station 14 – Rockhurst
*Station 15 – Eastridge
*Station 16 – Sunset Park
*Station 17 – Rolling Hills
*Station 18 – Greenbriar
*Station 19 – South Area
*Station 20 – Sierra Hills
*Station 21 – Forest View
*Station 22 – South City
* No Station Information at this time
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