St. Louis Park Fire Department

St. Louis Park Fire Department (SLPFD), formed in 1915 and located in Hennepin County (Minnesota) including the areas of Ainsworth Park, Aquila, Aquila Hill, Aquila Park, Birchwood, Blackstone, Bronx Park, Brooklawns, Cedar Knoll Park, Cedar Manor, Cobblecrest, Eliot, Elmwood, Freedom Park, Hannan Lake, Lamplighter Pond, Lenox, Oak Hill, Oriole Stadium, Parkview Park, Pennsylvania Park, Sorenson, South Oak Park, St. Louis, St. Louis Park, Sunset Park, Texa Tonka, Westwood Hills & Willow Park.

Station 1 – Elmwood
Station 2 – Willow Park
Command / Support
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