Mount Charleston Fire Protection District

Mount Charleston Fire Protection District (MCFPD), located in Clark County (Nevada) including the areas of Angel Peak, Camp Lee, Cathedral, Deer Creek, Desert View Point, Echo, Foxtail, Kyle Canyon, Lady of the Snows, Lee Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Mummy Mountain, Old Town, Rainbow, Stimson & Whispering Pines.

Mount Charleston Fire Protection District originally started as the Clark McNairy Fire District in 1953, a new volunteer department was established in 1965 and funded and equipment by the Nevada Division of Forestry. In 1971 Nevada Division of Forestry requested that Clark County Fire Department staff the station 24 hours a day, seven days a week with one person per shift, and NDF would supply the station, equipment and the radio system. In 1976 Clark County Fire Department requested that NDF staff the station. In 1984 Clark County Fire Department took back the fire operations and supplied the fire engines, rescue, equipment and radio equipment, and was named (CCFD) Station 81. In 2015 the Mount Charleston Fire Protection District was formed and assumed fire service duties from the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) and Clark County Fire Department. In 2016 consolidation of Clark County Fire Department Station 81 with Mount Charleston Fire Protection District volunteers.

Station 81 – Mount Charleston
Station 853 – Kyle Canyon
Station 856 – Lee Canyon
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