Wahpeton Fire Department

Wahpeton Fire Department (WFD), covering 20 square miles in Richland County (North Dakota) including the areas of Chahinkapa Park Zoo, Fairview, Jefferson Park, North Dakota State College of Science, Oak Cart Trail Park, Otter Tail River, Red River, Wahpeton Airport & Welles Memorial Park.

Wahpeton Fire Department was formed in 1877 with several companies that were commanded by one Chief and a Chairman. Each Company had its own Foreman and Assistant Foreman, as they acted as Chiefs for each of the Companies. In 1891 three fire companies were in service: Reliance Hose Company, Ger-mania Hose Company, and the Mazzeppa Hook and Ladder Company. The three fire companies were combined into one department called the Fligelmann Fire Company and then became the Wahpeton Volunteer Fire Department in 1944.

Wahpeton Fire Department has mutual-aid agreements with Dwight Rural Fire Protection District (North Dakota) and Breckenridge Fire Department (Minnesota).

Station 1 – Main
Station 2 – Northside
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