Chandler Fire Department

Chandler Fire Department (CFD), established in 1899 and 200 covering square miles in Lincoln County (Oklahoma) including the areas of Bellcalf Creek Reservoir, Bell Cow, Bell Cow Lake, Chandler Lake, Chandler Municipal Airport, Lakeview Ridge, Lincoln County Fairgrounds & Oak Park.

Chandler Fire Department was established in 1899, and divided into two-horse companies with a total of twenty-two members. Chandler received its first fire wagon in 1907. In the early 1930s, the department received its first motorized fire engine. In the 1950s the first full-time firefighter was put on and by the early seventies, there were three fulltime and twenty volunteer firefighters.

Chandler Fire Department is dispatched by the Lincoln County 911 Dispatch Center.

Station 1 – Chandler
Station 2 – Airport
Station 3 – Bell Cow
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