Hillsboro Fire & Rescue

Hillsboro Fire & Rescue, established in 1881 and covering 24.25 square miles in Washington County (Oregon) including Brookwood, Cherry Lane, Elmonica, Hillsboro, Mahan, Newton, Jackson Bottom Wetlands, Jones Farm, Orenco, Portland-Hillsboro Airport, Quatama, Ronler Acres, Sewell, Tualatin Valley & Witch Hazel.

Hillsboro Fire & Rescue, established in 1881 as the volunteer fire company, and later to Hillsboro Fire Department. In 2019 the named changed to the Hillsboro Fire & Rescue.

Station 1 – Hillsboro
Station 2 – Brookwood
Station 3 – Ronler Acres
Station 5 – Jones Farm
Station 6 – Cherry Lane
Command / Support
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