Grant County Fire District # 5

Grant County Fire District # 5 (GCFD5), organized in 1949 and covering 454 square miles in Grant County (Washington State) including the areas of Cascade Park, Cascade Valley, Dodson. Dune Lake, Ephrata, Gaileys Island, Gloyd, Goat Island, Grant County Fairgrounds, Grant County International Airport, Mitchell, Moody, Moses Lake, North Columbia, O’Sullivan, Potato Hill, Potholes Reservoir, Soap Lake, Stonecrest, Warden, West Lake, Wheeler & Wilson Creek.

Station 1 – Moses Lake
*Station 2 – Mae
*Station 3 – Moody
*Station 4 – Cascade Valley
*Station 5 – Wheeler
*Station 6 – Gloyd
*Station 7A – North
*Station 7B – South
*Station 8 – The Base
*Station 9 – Mitchell
*Station 10A – North
*Station 10B – South
*Station 11 – O’Sullivan
*Station 12 – Potato Hill
*No Station Information at this time
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