Campbell County Fire Department

Campbell County Fire Department (CCFD) combination department covering 4803 square miles in Campbell County (Wyoming) including the areas of Antelope Valley, Baumfalk Reservoir, Bicentennial Park, Buffalo Ridge, Burlington Lake, Camplex Events Center, Clovis Point Junction, Coal Dust, Collins Heights, Conestoga, Coyote Reservoir, Cradle Butte, Crestview, Ditto Lake, Donkey Creek, Doud Ranch, Eagle Butte Mine, Elk Valley, Fairview, Fox Park, Freedom Hills, Garner Lake, Gillette, Gillette – Campbell County Airport, Gillette Fishing Lake, Grand View, Gregersen, Gregersen Reservoir, Hay Creek, Hidden Valley Park, Highland Estes, Indian Tree Hill, Kissack / Reynolds Airport, Knob Reservoir, Lakeland Hills, Lakeview, Madsen Airport, McManamen Park, Nicholson Little Farms, Northland Village, Oluf Reservoir, Pine Tree, Powder Basin, Rochelle Hills, Rocky Reservoir, Rozet, Savageton, Sharp Butte, Sleepy Hollow, Springhill, Stagebluff, Union Chapel, Westover Hills, Westridge, Wright, Wyodak & Wyodak Mine. (FDID #05403)

Campbell County Fire Department was formed in 1981 as a bucket brigade. In 1906 the Gillette Fire Department was formed. In 1975, the Joint Powers Fire Board (JPFB), consisting of City of Gillette, Town of Wright and Campbell County was created.

Station 1 – Gillette
Station 2 – Burlington Lake
Station 3 – Buffalo Ridge
Station 4 – Hidden Valley
Station 7 – Fox Park
Station 8 – Pine Tree
Station 9 – Wright
Station 10 – Nicholson Little Farms
Station 11 – Sleepy Hollow
Station 12 – Rozet
Station 13 – Freedom Hills
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