Dumont Volunteer Fire Department

Dumont Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1935 after a major fire destroyed two homes and threatened the town in 1934. Barrels of water and sand were distributed throughout the community and ladders were placed at every fifth house. Volunteers were called by ringing a tire iron in one end of town, and ringing the school bell at the other end of town. In 1940 the Syndicate and Pioneer Mills were totally destroyed at a loss of $55,000 and in 1945 a new firehouse was dedicated. Numerous residential and commercial fires occurred over the years up to 1962 when the Downieville Propane Company explosion and fire caused death and total loss of several businesses. In February of 1966 an arson fire caused the total loss of the Dumont Firehouse, trucks, and equipment. The previous firehouse was dedicated on May 7, 1967. The apparatus used at that time was acquired through donations from private sources and funds raised by the Dumont Fire Department.

In 1989, the Dumont Volunteer Fire Department joined the Clear Creek Emergency Services General Improvement District (ESD), which was formed in 1988 by the voters in the unincorporated areas of Clear Creek County. As part of the ESD, Dumont participated in providing fire protection through intergovernmental agreements with Idaho Springs, Georgetown, Empire, and Silver Plume.

In 1998 Dumont, represented by the ESD, became part of the Clear Creek Fire Authority, which is presently the governmental entity responsible for providing fire protection in Clear Creek County. (Info provided by Clear Creek Fire Authority)

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