Clear Creek Fire Authority

Clear Creek Fire Authority (CCFA), covering 335 square miles in Clear Creek, Jefferson & Gilpin Counties including the towns and areas of Alice, Angle Saxon, Bakerville, Bald Mountain, Belleview Mountain, Black Eagle, Blue Valley, Chicago Creek Reservoir, Cone Mountain, Douglas Mountain, Echo Lake, Eisenhower Tunnel, Empire, Flirtation Peak, Floyd Hill, Downieville, Dumont, Georgetown, Georgetown Loop Railroad, Graymont, Guanella Pass, Herman Gulch, Hidden Valley, Idaho Springs, James Peak, Lawson, Leavenworth Creek, Levenworth Mountain, Loveland Pass, McClellan, Mount Evans, Mount Goliath, Oh My God Road, Red Elephant Hill, Red Mountain, Silver Creek, Silver Plume, St. Mary’s Glacier, Woldorf & York Gulch.

In 1989 Clear Creek Emergency Services General Improvement District (ESD), which was formed in 1988 by the voters in the unincorporated areas of Clear Creek County. As a participant with the ESD, through intergovernmental agreements with with Idaho Springs, Georgetown, Empire and Silver Plume.

Clear Creek Fire Authority was organized January 4th, 1999, when the Dumont Volunteer Fire Department, Empire Volunteer Fire Department, Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department, Idaho Springs Fire Department, Silver Plume Volunteer Fire DepartmentSt. Mary’s Glacier Fire Department and York Gulch Volunteer Fire Department consolidated under a single intergovernmental agreement. 

Clear Creek Fire Authority is dispatched by Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center.

Station 1 – Dumont
Station 2 – Idaho Springs
Station 3 – Empire
Station 4 – Georgetown
Station 5 – EMS Station
Station 6 – Floyd Hill
Station 7 – Alice / St. Mary’s
Station 8 – Silver Plume
Station 9 – York Gulch
Command / Support

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