Lowry Fire Department

Lowry Fire Department (Lowry Air Force Base), 2 stations located in Denver County (Colorado). Lowry Air Force Base was operational from 1938 to 1994. Lowry was home to the Air Force Academy from 1954-1958, the first base to support the Titan ICBM missile sites and provided various training ranging from intelligence to B-52 bombers. The base was protected by it’s own fire department that operated out of two stations. When the base was decommissioned there was still a large onsite population with extensive work needing to be done.

Denver Fire Department placed Engine 18 in service in late 1994 at the main Station, Building 357. Station 18 was disbanded a few years later with the area falling under Denver Fire Department Station’s 19 & 14’s protection.

Station 1
Station 2