Bancroft Station 42

Station 42 – Green Gables

Photo courtesy West Metro Fire Rescue

Fire Station 2 located at 9095 W. Jewell Ave. in Lakewood, also served as West Metro Fire Rescue (Colorado) Station 8.


Duane Troxel Photo ©

Engine No. 2 (P-6) 1972 Mack CF (CF611F10-156350) 50′ Tele-Squrt 1000 GPM pump and 500 gallon water tank, also ran as Squrt 42, Squrt 2 & Squrt 6, Georgetown Fire Department (Colorado) Squrt No. 7, Clear Creek Fire Authority (Colorado) Ladder 4 and donated to North Central Fire Protection District (Colorado) and ran as Engine 241.

Rick Davis Photo ©

Shaun Ryan Photo ©

Dennis Maag Photo ©

Shown here running as Squrt 42.


Photo courtesy West Metro Fire Rescue

The district formed with a seven member underwater rescue team in December of 1965.