Southern Colorado CareConnect Air Ambulance located in La Junta, and is operated by REACH Air Medical Services. The program is the result of six years of diligent communication and action between Reach Air Medical Services and Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo to provide emergency air medical transport to the Southern Colorado region. Fundamental to the establishment of CareConnect was the strong show of support from multiple rural facilities that designate Parkview as their preferred tertiary care destination.

Reach Air Medical Services, operates two services in Colorado. One operation is based at Buena Vista airport as of March 2016 and is affiliated with Heart of the Rockies Hospital in Salida. The other is Southern Colorado CareConnect out of La Junta and is affiliated with Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo. Southern Colorado CareConnect became part of UcHealth Lifeline in July of 2021; and is currently operating as Lifeline 4.

EMS Station


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