Lino Lakes Public Safety – Fire Division

Lino Lakes Public Safety – Fire Division, established in 2016 and located in Anoka County.

Lino Lakes cross-trained police officers as firefighters, which combined police and fire services into a single public safety department.

Lino Lakes was originally part of the Centennial Fire District that was formed in 1985 with a joint powers agreement between the cities of Centerville, Circle Pines, and Lino Lakes. The existing Circle Pines Fire Department and Centerville Fire Department were combined into the fire district. Prior to 1985, the Lino Lakes area was covered by the Centerville Fire Department, which covered Centerville and the eastern portion of Lino Lakes, and the Lexington Fire Department, which covered the western portion of Lino Lakes.  In 2016, Lino Lakes withdrew from the Centennial Fire District and started the Lino Lakes Public Safety – Fire Division.

Station 1 – North
Station 2 – South
Command / Support
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