Clackamas Fire District # 1

Clackamas Fire District # 1 (CFD1), covering 235 square miles in Clackamas & Multnomah Counties (Oregon) including the areas of Barton, Bravercreek, Boring, Carus, Carver, Central Point, Clackamas, Clarkes, Damascus, Eagle Creek, Happy Valley, Highland, Hilltop, Holcomb, Johnson City, Lake Road, Logan, Milwaukie, Mt. Scott, Oak Grove, Oak Lodge, Oregon City, Pleasant Valley, Redland, South End, Sunnyside & Westwood.

Prior to 1933, cities were not authorized to provide fire protection outside of city limits; therefore, there was little or no fire protection. In the 1930’s, the Oregon Legislature authorized the formation of Rural Fire Protection Districts to provide services in unincorporated areas. The unprotected gaps were called Fire Management Zones and were served by counties. The commissioners formed Clackamas Fire District # 54 in the area surrounding Oregon City. Milwaukie Fire Protection District #56 served the areas surrounding Milwaukie and north into Multnomah County. Together with Multnomah County Fire District # 12, the agencies served an area that extended up to 82nd Ave. and Division in unincorporated Multnomah County.

Clackamas Fire District # 1 was formed in 1976 with the merge of the Milwaukie Fire Protection District # 56 the Multnomah County Fire District # 12. In 1988 Happy Valley Fire District # 65, Clackamas Fire District # 71 and Clackamas Fire District # 54 merged into the district. In the early 1990’s, Clackamas Fire District # 1 merged with Beavercreek Fire District # 55, Oak Lodge Fire District # 51 and Clarkes Fire District # 68 and began providing services by contract to the cities of Milwaukie and Oregon City.

In 2014, both Boards of Directors from Clackamas Fire District # 1 and Boring Fire District # 59 unanimously approved a five year contract for services to provide fire protection, fire prevention and emergency medical services to citizens of Boring Fire District # 59. In 2016, voters approved annexation of Boring Fire District # 59 into Clackamas Fire District # 1 and in 2017, Clackamas Fire finalized the legal integration in the form of an annexation with Boring Fire District # 59. The annexation provides increased staffing at the Damascus Fire Station 19. 

In 2016 the Clackamas Fire District No. 1 Fire Prevention Office has entered into an inter-governmental agreement to provide all aspects of fire prevention services to the Estacada Rural Fire District # 69.  These services include, but are not limited to the following; plan review, acceptance testing, fire investigations, public education and fire/life safety occupancy inspections.

*Station 1 – Town Center
*Station 2 – Milwaukie
*Station 3 – Oak Grove
Station 4 – Lake Road
*Station 5 – Mt. Scott
*Station 6 – Happy Valley
*Station 7 – Pleasant Valley
*Station 8 – Clackamas
Station 9 – Holcomb
*Station 10 – Beavercreek
*Station 11 – Redland
*Station 12 – Logan
*Station 13 – Clarkes
Station 14 – Boring
*Station 15 – John Adams
*Station 16 – Hilltop
*Station 17 – South End
Station 18 – Eagle Creek
Station 19 – Damascus
*Station 20 – Highland
*No Station information at this time
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