San Juan Island Fire & Rescue

San Juan Island Fire & Rescue (San Juan County Fire District #3), covering 56 square miles in San Juan County (Washington State) including the areas of Argyle, Bailer Hill, Beaverton Valley, Bell Point, Brown Island, Cape San Juan, Cattle Point, Center Island, Decatur Island, Delacombe Point, Eagle Crest, False Bay, Fish Creek, Friday Harbor, Garrison Bay, Guss Island, Hanbury Point, Henry Island, Horseshoe Bay, Iceberg Point, Lakedale, Lawson Lake, Lighthouse Reservation, Lime Kiln Point State Park, Limestone Pointe, Lonesome Cove, Mitchell Bay, Mosquito Bay, Pearl Island, Raven Ridge, Roche Harbor, Rocky Bay, Salish Sea, San Juan Island, San Juan Valley, South Beach, Sunset Point, Westcott Bay, White Pointe & Yacht Haven.

San Juan Island Fire & Rescue was founded in 1959 after several independent fire departments joined the district including Friday Harbor Fire Department in 2011.

Station 31 – Friday Harbor
Station 32 – Cape San Juan
Station 33 – Bailer Hill
Station 34 – Sunset Point
Station 35 – Roche Harbor
Station 36 – Eagle Crest
Station 37 – Brown Island
Station 38 – Pearl Island
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