Charleston Fire Department

Charleston Fire Department (CFD), covering 33 square miles in Kanawha County (West Virginia) including the areas of Bougemont, Chandler, Charleston, Dalgain, Elk River, Hillsdale, Kanawha City, Kanawha River, Kanawha Valley, Laidley Field, Magic Island Park, Mountain View, Oakmont, Oakridge, Oakwood, Overbrook, Porters Hollow, Spring Hill, Twomile Creek, University of Charleston & West Side.

Charleston Fire Department history dates back to 1784 when the Hand in Hand Fire Company was organized. In 1801 the first hand engine company was formed as the Charleston Fire Company of Axeman and later changed their name to the Pioneer Fire Company. In 1865 the Charleston Hook & Ladder Company was formed. By 1870, over a dozen fire companies and 1,600 volunteers were serving the city of Charleston including Steam Fire Engine Company No. 1 (1872), Ashley Fire Company, Comet Fire Company, Eagle Fire Company, Phoenix Fire Company, John Street Hook & Ladder Company, German Fire Company, Washington Fire Company, Niagara Fire Company, Palmetto Fire Company, Marion Fire Company, Vigilant Fire Company, Hope Fire Company, Aetna Fire Company, Young American Fire Company, Salvage Corps, Stonewall Fire Company and Kanawha Steam Fire Engine & Hose Company.

On January 1st, 1882 the Charleston Fire Department was placed in service with six engine companies, two truck companies, 101 men, and 29 horses. On June 26th, 1996 the fire department merged with the Charleston Emergency Medical Service (CEMS). The CEMS was in service since 1972 and was originally named the Charleston Emergency Ambulance Service.

Station 1 – Downtown
Station 2 – West Side
Station 3 – Oakwood
Station 4 – Oakridge
Station 5 – Bridge Road
Station 6 – Kanawha City
Station 7 – Hillsdale
Station 8 – Chandler
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