Gleneagle Curwood Drive 2nd Alarm Fire

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Monument 2nd Alarm Structure Fire

Photo Courtesy of the Monument Fire Protection District

At approximately 16:30 on November 7th, 2022 Monument Fire Protection District was dispatched to the 15000 block of Curwood Drive in the Gleneagle neighborhood for a residential structure fire. On arrival, crews found heavy smoke and fire on the Charlie side of the structure. Engine 513 was assigned to perform the building’s primary search, and Engine 514 was assigned as fire attack. Ladder 531 arrived and began arrival operations while also controlling the building’s utilities. Battalion 502 was placed in command of Charlie division, while Chief 501 assumed incident command and Medic 584 was assigned to establish of incident rehab. After Engine 514 was able to get a knock on the fire on the Charlie side, Battalion 502 discovered another pocket of fire on the Charlie side and requested another crew. At 16:46, command timestamped that the fire was under control. While conducting, Ladder 531, discovered fire in the attic. Engine 512 arrived and established a 2nd water source and laid into the incident. At 16:55, command requested a 2nd alarm assignment and for the Colorado Springs Fire Department, American Medical Response, and Black Forest Fire Rescue to aid in backfilling their district. Once the fire was officially declared out, crews began to slowly be released and the fire is currently under investigation.

1st Alarm:

Monument: Battalion 502, Chief 500, Chief 501, Engine 512, Engine 513, Engine 514, Ladder 531, Medic 584 & Division 507

Palmer Lake Fire Department: Engine 2011.

2nd Alarm:

Monument: Chief 509 & Medic 581

Colorado Springs Fire Department: Battalion Chief 3, Truck 19 & Engine 14 (Cancelled)

El Paso County EIS: EIS 51

Air Force Academy Fire and Emergency Services: Engine 2111 (Cancelled) & Brush 2143 (Cancelled)

Backfilling Units:

Black Forest: Engine 712.

Colorado Springs: Engine 19.

Photo Courtesy of the Monument Fire Protection District

Photo Courtesy of the Monument Fire Protection District