Loveland East 1st Street Basement Fire

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Loveland Commercial Fire

Photo courtesy of Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Around 23:50 on January 19th, 2023 Loveland Emergency Communications Center (LECC) (200) dispatched Loveland Fire Rescue Authority Squad 46 to a fire alarm in the 2800 block of E. 1st St. Squad 46 arrived to a three-story large structure with nothing showing and started the investigation. Squad 46 quickly upgraded the call to a first alarm structure fire with a small fire found in the basement area on the Charlie side. Battalion 41 advised dispatch to upgrade the call to a commercial structure fire. Crews got the fire out that was mostly controlled by sprinklers. The fire cause is under investigation. Additional information provided by Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Initial Response:

Loveland: Squad 46

1st Alarm Structure Fire:

Loveland: Battalion 41, Engine 41, Engine 50, Tower 46 & Rescue 42

Confirmed Commercial Structure Fire:

Loveland: Engine 43 & Engine 45

Berthoud Fire Protection District: Battalion 61

Thompson Valley EMS: Paramedic 311

Loveland Police Department

Photo courtesy of Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Photo courtesy of Loveland Fire Rescue Authority