Denver 911 Communications Center

Denver 911 Communications Center, is staffed by public safety professionals who are trained to answer 911 and non-emergency telephone calls, as well as dispatch police, fire and paramedic resources. The City and County of Denver 911 operations headquarters houses Denver 911 Operators and Dispatchers, Denver Fire Dispatchers, and Denver Health Paramedic Dispatchers.

All 911 calls placed within the City and County of Denver’s geographical boundaries are received and then screened to determine if the caller has a police, fire, or medical emergency. Police and medical calls for service are processed immediately by the 911 call-taker; all fire related calls are transferred to Denver Fire Dispatch.

Emergency Communications Operators gather critical information from callers and send the information via computer to police, fire and or paramedic dispatchers who are responsible for relaying the information to the first responders.

The 911 team works in partnership with Denver CARES Emergency Service Patrol, Denver Fire Department, Denver Mountain Parks, Denver Police Department, Denver Paramedics, Denver Parks & Recreation & Denver Sheriff Prisoner Transport.

The new Denver 911 Communications Center is to open in 2019 at a new location.

Denver Fire Dispatch
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