Colorado Air & Space Port ARFF Station 1

ARFF Station 1

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ARFF Station 1 is the former Front Range Airport ARFF (Colorado) Station 1.


Rick Luebke Photo ©

1992 E-One Titan (10531) 4×4 1250 GPM pump at 4600 rpm (Waterous), 1500 gallon water tank, 200 gallons of foam and 500 lbs. of dry powder. The rescue is equipped with three under truck nozzles rated at 17 GPM, a roof turret that has a water, foam and dry chemical discharge as well as a bumper turret that can be used with water or foam. The ARFF rescue was the former Yampa Valley Regional Airport ARFF unit, and also ran as Front Range Airport ARFF (Colorado) Rescue 1.

Rick Luebke Photo ©