Aurora Fire Rescue

Aurora Fire Rescue, covering 155 square miles in Arapahoe, Adams & Douglas Counties (Colorado) including the areas of Adonea, Altura, Apache Mesa, Auburn Hill, Aurora Hills, Aurora Highlands, Aurora Knolls, Blue Grama Grass Park, Brookhaven, Buckingham Square, Calico, Carriage Place, Centre Point, Centretech, Chambers Heights, City Center, Colfax Square, Colfax Villa, Country Lane, Cross Creek, Delaney Farm, Del Mar, Eagle Bend, East Quincy Highlands, Eldorado Park, xpo Park, Foxdale, Friendly Village, Gaylord Rockies, Hampden Villas, Harmony, Havana Heights, Heather Gardens, Heather Ridge, Harvest Ridge, Heritage Eagle Bend, Hillscrafts Village, Highlands Hollows Park, Highland Park, Highland Villages, Highpoint, Hoffman Heights, Hoffman Park, Homestead Park, Horizon Park, Horsecreek Park, Hutchinson Heights, Jewell Heights, Kingsbough, Kirkgaard Acres, Lakeshore, Laredo, Laredo Highland, Lexington East, Louisiana Purchase, Lynn Knoll, Meadow Hills, Meadowood, Mayfair, Mission Viejo, Montview Paek, Morris Heights, Mountain View Park, Murphy Creek, Northeast, Olympic Park, Pagosa Park, Painted Prairie, Plains Conservation Center, Queensborough, Rangeview, Ridgeview Glen, Rocking Horse, Rocky Ridge Park, Sable Ridge, Saddle Rock, Sand Creek, Seven Hills, Seville, Sienna, Side Creek, Southeast Crossing, Spring Creek Meadows, Spring Creek Park, Sterling Hills, Stone Ridge Park, Sunridge, Sunnyvale, Summer Valley Ranch, Switchgrass Park, Tallgrass, Tierra Park, Tollgate Park, Traditions, Utah Park, Village East, Willow Bend Park, Willow Park & West Toll Gate Creek. (FDID #00505)

Aurora Volunteer Fire Department was originally the Fletcher Volunteer Fire Department, which was formed in 1902 until 1907 when the town of Fletcher became Aurora, the department was all-volunteer until 1951. Aurora Fire Department took over fire service from the Hoffman Heights Fire Protection District in 1956 and the Fitzsimons Fire Department in 1996.

On May 11th, 2020, Aurora Fire Rescue was awarded an ISO Class 1/1X rating effective September 1st, 2020.

Aurora Fire Rescue is dispatched by Aurora 911.

Station 1 – Del Mar
Station 2 – Hoffman Heights
Station 3 – Morris Heights
Station 4 – Expo Park
Station 5 – Laredo Highland
Station 6 – Mission Viejo
Station 7 – Southeast Crossing
Station 8 – City Center
Station 9 – Heather Ridge
Station 10 – Ridgeview Glen
Station 11 – Havana Heights
Station 12 – Northeast
Station 13 – Saddle Rock
Station 14 – Heritage Eagle Bend
Station 15 – Murphy Creek
Station 16 – Gaylord Rockies
Station 17 – Harmony
Station 18 – Aurora Highlands
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Reserve Apparatus
Training Center

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