Lakewood-Bancroft Fire Protection District

Lakewood-Bancroft Fire Protection District, covered 110 square miles in Jefferson County (Colorado).

Lakewood-Bancroft Fire Protection District (Lakewood/Bancroft Fire Authority) was formed on January 1st, 1991 with the merge of the Bancroft Fire Protection District and Lakewood Fire Department. In 1993, citizens voted to merge Lakewood and Bancroft, but was failed, and in 1994 after another public vote, West Metro Fire Rescue, was established beginning January 1st, 1995.

*Station 1 – Jefferson Gardens
*Station 2 – Green Gables
Station 3 – Lakehurst
*Station 4 – Green Mountain
*Station 5 – Applewood
*Station 6 – Golden
*Station 7 – Lakewood
*Station 8 – Green Gables
*Station 9 – Morrison
Station 10 – Bear Creek
*Station 11 – Willow Springs
*No Station Information at this time


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