West Metro Fire Rescue

West Metro Fire Rescue (WMFR), founded in 1995 covering 130 square miles in Jefferson & Douglas Counties (Colorado) including the areas of Addenbrook, Alkire Acres, Alpers Farm, Apel-Bacher, Applewood, Applewood Crest, Applewood Villages, Applewood West, Ashwood, Ashland Reservoir, Aviation Park, Bandimere Speedway, Barths, Bass Lake, Bear Creek, Bear Valley, Belmar, Bellows Park, Benthaven, Belleview Acres, Bergen Reservoirs, Blue Heron Park, Brentwood Estates, Briarwood Hills, Cambridge, Carmody, Carpenter Peak, Cedar Crest, Chateau Ridge, Chatfield, Chester Portsmouth Park, Clairfield Reservoir, Clear Creek, Clear Creek Trail, Columbine, Crown Hill, Crown Hill Lake, Creekside on Colfax, Crystal Lake, Daniels, Dakota Ridge, Dakota Station, Deer Creek Canyon, Denver West, Denver Federal Center, Diamondback, Divinny, Dutch Ridge, Edgewater, Eiber, Foothill Green, Fountain Valley, Fox Hollow, Friendly Hills, Fruitdale, Garrison, Glennon Heights, Golden, Golden Hill, Governors Ranch, Green Gables, Green Mountain, Green Mountain Heights, Green Mountain Open Space, Green Mountain Village, Happiness Gardens, Heritage West, Harriman Lake, Heverly Heights, Highland Gardens, Hine Lake, Hogback, Hogback Ridge, Homestead, Hutchinson Park, Illiff Ridge, JCRS, Jefferson County Library Service Center, Jefferson County Stadium, Jefferson Green, Jewell Park, Ken Caryl Ranch, Ken Caryl Valley, Kendrick Dam, Kendrick Reservoir, King Fisher Lake Reservoir, Kipling Hills, Kipling Sun, Kullerstrand, Lakehurst, Lakeside, Lake Rhoda, Lakeview, Lakewood, Lakewood Green, Lakewood Gulch, Lakewood Hills, Lakewood Village, Lasley Park, Larmar, Lena Gulch, Lexington Village, Littleton, Lewis Meadows Open Space, Lochwood, Lumberg, Lyons Ridge, Manning, Mann Reservoir, Mansfield, Maple Grove, Maple Grove Dam, Maple Grove Reservoir, Meadowbrook Heights, Meadowlark, Meadow Ranch, Melrose, Moffat Treatment Plant, Mountair, Mountair Village, Mount Carbon Loop, Mountain Gate, Mountain View, Morrison, Morse Park, North Henry Lee Reservoir, North Park Trail, North Platte River, O’Kane, Panorama Park, Paramount Heights, Parkwest Ridge, Pike National Forest, Pinehurst, Platte Canyon Dam, Platte Canyon Reservoir, Powderhorn, Prospect Valley, Quincy Lake Pointe, Randall Park, Ravines Open Space, Red Rocks, Reed Street, Remington, Richards-Hart Estate Park, Rocky Hills, Rocky Mountain Ditch, Rolling Hills, Roxborough, Roxborough Park, Roxborough Village, Rural Acres, Sanderson Gulch, Sheep Mountain, Sister City Trail, Sixth Ave West, Smith Reservoir, Soda Lakes, South Platte River, South Table Mountain, Southern Gables, Spivak, Stanton Farms, Stone House Lake, Stone House Trail, Stony Creek, Strontia Springs Dam, Strontia Springs Reservoir, South Platte River, South Valley Park, Sunset Park, Sun Valley, Tanglewood, Terra Village, Turkshead Peak, Turkey Creek, Union Corridor, Union Square, Valley Enclave, Valley View, Walker-Branch Park, Washington Heights, Waterton Canyon, West Lochwood, Weaver Creek Park, Weaver Gulch, Welchester Estates, Westgold Meadows, Westland, Wheat Ridge, Wilmore-Davis, Willowbrook, Willow Springs, Wingate & Wright Park. (FDID #05909)

West Metro Fire Rescue originally the Lakewood-Mountair Fire Department which was established in 1937, Daniels Fire Department consolidated in 1955, Applewood Fire Protection District in 1963 and Applewood Mesa Fire Department in 1964. Lakewood-Mountair Fire Department changed name to Lakewood Fire Department in 1964 and Lakewood Fire Protection District in 1967. Merged with Bancroft Fire Protection District in 1991 as the Lakewood-Bancroft Fire Protection District. West Metro Fire Rescue also took over fire service to the Roxborough Park Fire Department in 1999. Lakewood-Bancroft Fire Protection District changed the name to West Metro Fire Rescue in 1995. In 2016, the Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District merged with the district.

West Metro Fire Rescue has a dual-response arrangement with Pleasant View Fire District to serve the Colorado Mills Mall and Denver West Retail.

Colorado Task Force 1 (Urban Search & Rescue) is co-located at Station 10.

West Metro Fire Rescue has auto-aid (Automatic-Aid) agreements with: Arvada Fire Protection District, Fairmount Fire Protection District, South Metro Fire Rescue, and the North Area Automatic Aid Agreement in 2019. 

West Metro Fire Rescue is dispatched by Jeffcom 911.


Station 1 – Lakewood
Station 2 – Westland
Station 3 – Lakewood
Station 4 – Green Mountain
Station 5 – Denver West
Station 6 – Golden
Station 7 – Belmar
Station 8 – Green Gables
Station 9 – Morrison
Station 10 – Bear Creek
Station 11 – Willow Springs
Station 12 – Littleton
Station 13 – Ken Caryl
Station 14 – Littleton
Station 15 – Roxborough Park
Station 16 – Wheat Ridge
Station 17 – Prospect Valley
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