Bancroft Fire Protection District

Bancroft Fire Protection District (BFPD), formed November 22nd, 1946 as the Bancroft Volunteer Fire Department and the Bancroft Fire Protection District was formed on February 24th, 1947 with the consolidation of the Lochwood Fire Department, covering 5.75 square miles in Jefferson County (Colorado).

The district boundaries began on Sheridan Blvd. and west Jewell Ave, north on Sheridan Blvd. to 1st Ave, west to Wadsworth Blvd, south to Alameda Ave, west to Garrison St, south to Jewell Ave, and east to Sheridan Blvd.

In 1960 the Bear Creek area petitioned for inclusion into the district, which expanded west to Simms St. and south to Hampton Ave. In 1967 the Lakehurst area was included into the district. 

In 1972, BFPD joined in with St. Anthony Hospital and started operating the departments own ambulance transport service, and partnered with St. Anthony’s to utilize the new helicopter and on June 11th, 1973 the first call went out to “Chopper 7”. BFPD was first fire district in the United States to begin a helicopter ambulance service, which started Flight for Life, and each station built heliports for the medical transports. 

In 1973 Morrison Volunteer Fire Department merged into the district, and the district also expanded into the areas of Friendly Hills, Ken Caryl Ranch and Willowbrook, making the district 65 square miles, and later in the 1970’s the district expanded into the Willow Springs area and Station 48 was built.

Bancroft Fire Protection District was a member of the Tri-County Volunteer Firemen’s Association.

Bancroft number series was 440 on frequency 154.130.

Bancroft Fire Protection District merged with the Lakewood Fire Department in 1991 as the Lakewood-Bancroft Fire Protection District. Lakewood-Bancroft Fire Protection District changed the name to West Metro Fire Rescue in 1995.

Station 41 – Jefferson Gardens
Station 42 – Green Gables
Station 43 – Lakehurst
Station 44 – Morrison
Station 45 – Ken Caryl Ranch
Station 46 – Lakewood
Station 47 – Green Mountain
Station 48 – Willow Springs
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