Grand Junction Fire Department

Grand Junction Fire Department (GJFD), founded in 1889 covering 93 square miles in Mesa including the towns and areas of Appleton, Bookcliff, Colorado National Monument, Colorado River State Park, Connected Lakes, Cross Orchards Historic Farm, Durham, Fruitvale, Grand Valley, Gunnison Dam, Little Park, Matchett, Orchard Mesa, Pear Park, Pomona Park, Red Canyon, Redlands, Riggs Hill, Riverside, Rosevale, Walker State Wildlife Area & West Lake. (FDID # 07735)

Grand Junction Fire Department is dispatched by Grand Junction Regional Communication Center.

Station 1 – Downtown
Station 2 – Matchett
Station 3 – Pomona Park
Station 4 – Orchard Mesa
Station 5 – Redlands
Station 6 – Horizon Park
Station 8 – Pear Park
Command / Support
Reserve Apparatus
Regional Training Facility
Official Site