Lands End Fire Protection District

Lands End Fire Protection District (LEFPD), covering 195 square miles in Mesa County including the towns and areas of Bridgeport, Cheney Reservoir, Deer Run, Dominguez Canyon, Eagle Trail, Escalante Canyon, Grand Mesa National Forest, Halhenbeck Reservoir, Hallock Basin, Indian Creek, Grand Mesa, Juniata Reservoir, Reener Mesa, Kannah Creek, King Creek, Purdy Mesa, Red Tail, Sand Flat, Triangle Mesa, Tunnel Point, Unaweep/Tabeguache Byway & Whitewater. (FDID # 07765)

Lands End Fire Protection District started out in 1995 as “A Land’s End Response Team” (ALERT), a dedicated group of residents in the Land Ends area that responded north of Hwy 50 from mile marker 41 to the Delta County line, and had the responsibility of stabilizing patients while awaiting for an ambulance from Grand Junction.

In 1998, the team expand service to include the area south of Hwy. 50, and Hwy. 141 up to the Cactus Park turnoff. In 2002, voters approved for a fire district, and Lands End Fire Protection District was created.

Lands End Fire Protection District is dispatched by Grand Junction Regional Communication Center.

Station 111 – Kannah Creek
Station 112 – Whitewater
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