Lower Valley Fire District

Lower Valley Fire District (LVFD), covering 200 square miles in Mesa & Garfield Counties (Colorado) including the areas of Black Ridge, Colorado National Monument, Douglas Pass, Fruita, Gilsonite, Grand Valley, Highline State Recreation Area, Horsethief Canyon, Loma, Mack, Rabbit Valley, Redlands, Rhone, Ruby Canyon, Shale, Snow Eagle & Utaline and eastern Utah. (FDID #07740)

Lower Valley Fire Protection District and the town of Fruita organized a fire district in 1973, the district split from the town and in 1980 became its own separate district. in March of 2021 the district was awarded ISO Class 3.

Lower Valley Fire District is dispatched by the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center

Station 31 – Fruita
Station 32 – Loma
Future Station 33 – Rhone
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