Mountain Communities Volunteer Fire Department

Mountain Communities Volunteer Fire Department (MCVFD), founded in 1985 covering 100 square miles in Teller & Douglas Counties (Colorado) including the areas of Bell Rock, Big Turkey, Cedar Mountain, Freedonia Ranch, Hackett Mountain, Hayman, Lost Valley, Lutheran Valley Ranch, Metberry, Phantom Creek, Pike National Forest, Rainbow Falls, San Isabel National Forest, Sheep Nose, Shrewsbury Gulch, Signal Butte, Thunder Butte, Trail Creek, Trout Creek, Thunder Butte, Truman’s Rock, Turkey Tracks Shooting Area, Turkey Rock, Westcreek, Wildhorn Ranch with additional 100 square miles of “no man’s” land within Pike National Forest to Rampart Range Road. (FDID #11935)

Mountain Communities Volunteer Fire Department officially established in 1985. The department started on August 1st, 1977 when members of the Turkey Rock Rec. Association (TRRA) in the Turkey Rock Ranch area purchased a 1935 Ford fire truck from Bust (Colorado) for $1,200. In March of 1977 TRRA announced plans to build a garage / workshop to house the fire truck and asked for volunteers to help with construction to keep costs down. The crew completed the foundation and walls by that fall, working to finish the rest of the build over the next three years. At the TRRA Annual Meeting on May 25th, 1980, the building was named the Bus Oaks Firehouse after original Turkey Rock property owner Bus Oaks. Volunteers added a plaque and a sign in the building that is the current Fire Station 1. On September 4th, 1982, the TRRA Board hosted a grand opening party at the firehouse. With construction complete, the station could house the fire truck in a heated environment so it was ready for year-round response. The Board also acquired a new, larger tank for the truck along with extra hose, ladders, and other necessary equipment. In 1983 the TRRA Board purchased a 1972 Chevy fire truck from Sheridan Fire Department (Colorado) for just under $6,200 and they also bought a CB radio and a draft pump, and sold their previous fire truck (the 1935 Ford) as an antique. In 1985 the Turkey Rock Volunteer Fire Department (TRVFD) was formed as an independent organization and later the department changed the name to the Mountain Communities Volunteer Fire Department.

Mountain Communities Volunteer Fire Department district is along Hwy. 67 between Deckers to the north and Woodland Park to the south. The east and west borders are within Rainbow Falls to the east and the south fork of the South Platte river above Cheesman Reservoir to the west.

Mountain Communities Fire Protection District (400) has auto-aid and/or mutual-aid agreement with Castle Rock Fire & Rescue, Franktown Fire Protection District, Jackson 105 Fire Protection District, Mountain Communities Volunteer Fire Department, Palmer Lake Fire Department & South Metro Fire Rescue.

Station 1 – Turkey Rock
Station 2 – Westcreek
Station 3 – Lutheran Valley Ranch
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