Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District

Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District (HRTAD), covering 40 square miles in Jefferson County including the areas of Bear Creek, Buffalo Bill’s Grave & Museum, Cabrini, Chief Hosa, Clear Creek Canyon, Cody Park, Cold Springs Ranch, El Rancho, Elk Herd Enclosures, Evergreen, Genesee, Golden, Grapevine, Idledale, Lockout Mountian, Mount Morrison, Mount Vernon, Paradise Hills, Rainbow Hills, Red Rocks Park, and also including I-70 from the Morrison Exit (259) to just pass the Evergreen Exit (251).

Highland Rescue also has a Wildland Team that was established in 2009, providing Wildland EMS support.

The Highland Rescue Team was founded in 1964 by the Idledale Fire Protection District volunteers, and originally named Idledale Rescue, named changed in 1966 to the Highland Rescue Team.

Highland Rescue Team is dispatched by Jeffcom 911.

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