Bureau of Land Management Fire & Aviation Colorado

Fire management in Colorado is an interagency partnership among federal, state, and local entities. BLM-managed lands within Colorado are broken into four Interagency Fire Management Units: Northwest Colorado Fire Unit in Craig, Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Unit in Grand Junction, Southwest District Fire Unit in Montrose, and Front Range District Fire Unit in Canon City.

Colorado Interagency is broken into five (5) dispatch centers: Grand Junction Interagency, Craig Interagency, Montrose Interagency, Durango Interagency, and Pueblo Interagency Dispatch.

The four units cooperate with state agencies, local communities, and fire departments on a wide range of activities including fuels treatments, fire prevention, and suppression. Engines, Hand Crews, Hotshots, and Smoke Jumpers are strategically positioned throughout the state for rapid access to fires. Each year the Bureau of Land Management transfers engines that have timed out with their units to local departments in need through the Rural Fire Readiness Program.


Northwest Colorado Interagency Fire & Aviation Management Unit
Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire & Aviation Management Unit

Southwest District Interagency Fire & Aviation Management Unit
Rocky Mountain District Fire & Aviation Management Unit
BLM Colorado Command & Support