Hartford Fire Department

Hartford Fire Department (HFD), covering 18.4 square miles in Hartford County (Connecticut) including the areas of Asylum Hill, Barnard Park, Barry Square, Behind The Rocks, Blue Hills, Bradley International Airport, Brainard Airport, Bushnell Park, Cedar Hill, Charter Oak Place, Clay-Arsenal, Clay Hill, Connecticut River, Copper Lane, Elizabeth Park, Flatbush, Folly Brook, Frog Hollow, Goodwin Park, Keney Park, Lords Hill, Newington Junction, Northeast, North Meadows, Park River, Parkville, Pope Park, Riverfront, Riverside Park, Rocky Hill, Sheldon-Charter Oak, South End, South Green, South Meadows, South West, Talcott Mountain Turnpike, University of Hartford, Upper Albany, West End & West Farms.

Hartford Fire Department was incorporated in 1864. In 1876 the first self-propelled fire engine in the United States was put into service at Engine Company # 7 and called “Blake Seven”. It was purchased for $5000, weighed six tons and had a pumping capacity of 700 gallons. In 1908 the department completed a reorganization and all companies became permanent paid status.  

Station 1 – South Green
Station 2 – Clay-Arsenal
Station 4 – Downtown
Station 5 – Asylum Hill
Station 7 – Northeast
Station 8 – Frog Hollow
Station 9 – South West
Station 10 – South End
Station 11 – West End
Station 14 – Upper Albany
Station 15 – Barry Square
Station 16 – Blue Hills
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