Prince George’s County Fire Department

Prince George’s County Fire Department (PGFD), established in 1966, and covering 580 square miles in Prince George’s & Montgomery Counties including the areas of Allentown Road, Accokeek, Adelphi, Ammendale, Beltsville, Berwyn Heights, Bladensburg, Boulevard Heights, Bowie, Burtonsville, Branchville, Calverton, Capitol Heights, Cherry Hill, Chillum, Clinton, College Park, District Heights, Dodge Park, Eleven Cedars, Forestville, Glenarden, Glenn Dale, Greenbelt, Holly Tree Estates, Hyatt Park, Hyattsville, Kentland, Kettering, Lake Arbor, Landover Hill, Lanham, Largo, Laurel, Lewisdale, Little Paint Branch Park, Marlboro, McCarthy Park, Morningside, Mount Rainer, North Englewood, Northview, Oxon Hill, Palmer Park, Powder Mill Village, Riverdale, Riverdale Heights, Seat Pleasant, Silver Hill, Springdale, St. Joseph, Takoma Park, University Park, Vansville & West Lanham Hills.

In 1742, Bladensburg Fire Company became the first governmental entity to pass a fire prevention ordinance. In 1888, Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Company was organized, the first volunteer fire company in the county. In 1888, Upper Marlboro organized the Marlboro Fire Association. In 1966 the county incorporated paid firefighters within its volunteer force based on the Yarger Study which stated, and the Department of Fire Protection was created on June 14th, 1968 which consumed all other previous fire organizations under a single command.

Prince George’s County Fire Department is composed of volunteers the following fire companies throughout the county including Accokeek Volunteer Fire Department, Allentown Road Volunteer Fire Department, Baden Volunteer Fire Department, Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department, Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department, Bladensburg Fire Department, Boulevard Heights Volunteer Fire Department, Bowie Volunteer Fire Department, Branchville Volunteer Fire Company, Brandywine Volunteer Fire Department, Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department, Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department, Chillum-Adelphi Volunteer Fire Department, Clinton Volunteer Fire Department, College Park Volunteer Fire Department, Forestville Volunteer Fire Department, Glenn Dale Volunteer Fire Association, Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department, Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department, Kentland Volunteer Fire Department, Landover Hills Volunteer Fire Department, Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad, Marlboro Volunteer Fire Department, Morningside Volunteer Fire Department, Oxon Hill Volunteer Fire Department, Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department, Riverdale Fire Department, Riverdale Heights Volunteer Fire Department, Seat Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department, Silver Hill Fire Department & West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Department.

Station 801 – Hyattsville
*Station 805 – Capitol Heights
Station 806 – St. Joseph
*Station 807 – Riverdale
*Station 808 – Seat Pleasant
*Station 809 – Bladensburg
*Station 810 – Laurel
*Station 811 – Branchville
*Station 812 – College Park
Station 813 – Riverdale Heights
Station 814 – Berwyn Heights
Station 816 – Northview
*Station 817 – Boulevard Heights
Station 818 – Glenn Dale
*Station 819 – Huntington / Old Bowie
*Station 820 – Marlboro
Station 821 – Oxon Hill
*Station 823 – Forestville
*Station 824 – Accokeek
*Station 825 – Clinton
*Station 826 – District Heights
*Station 827 – Morningside
Station 828 – West Lanham Hills
*Station 829 – Silver Hill
*Station 830 – Landover Hill
*Station 831 – Beltsville
Station 832 – Allentown Road
Station 833 – Kentland
*Station 834 – Chillum-Adelphi
Station 835 – Greenbelt
*Station 836 – Baden
*Station 837 – Ritchie
*Station 838 – Chapel Oaks
Station 839 – Belair / Freestate
*Station 840 – Brandywine
Station 841 – Calverton
*Station 842 – Glassmanor
*Station 843 – Pointer Ridge / Mitchellville
*Station 844 – Chillum
*Station 845 – Croom
Station 846 – Largo
Station 847 – Fort Washington
Station 848 – Lanham
Station 849 – Laurel
**Station 51 – Oxon Hill / Clipper Way
*Station 853 – Special Events
Station 855 – Bunker Hill
*Station 856 – Marine Rescue
*Station 857 – Water & Dive Rescue
*Station 858 – National Harbor
Command / Support
*No Station Information at this time
**Future Station
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