Excelsior Fire District

Excelsior Fire District, located in Hennepin County (Minnesota) including the areas of Badger Park, Beans Greenwood Marina, Birch Bluff, Bug Island, Burton Park, Carson Bay, Cottagewood, Crescent Beach, Deephaven, Duck Island, Echo Bay, Excelsior, Excelsior Bay, Frog Island, Gale Island, Gideon Bay, Gideon Glen, Grandview Point, Greenwood, Lake William, Lighthouse Island, Linwood Beach, Lower Lake, Manitou Park, Manor Park, Maple Hill, Mary Lake, Nocomo Beach, Old Orchard Park, Rocky Beach, Sandy Beach, Saint Albans Bay, Shorewood, Shuck Park, Sleepy Hollow, Solbergs Point, Studer Pond, Sunrise Point, Swift Point, Tonka Bay, Wekota Beach & Woodpecker Ridge.

Excelsior Fire District was formed in 1891 as the Excelsior Fire Department. in 2002 the name was changed to the Excelsior Fire District.

Station 1 – Shorewood
Station 2 – Deephaven
Command / Support
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