Jefferson County Mount Morrison Hiker Rescue

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Mount Morrison Hiker Rescue

Photo courtesy West Metro Fire Rescue

On July 5th, 2023 at 01:54 Jeffcom dispatched Foothills Fire Protection District and Highland Rescue Team to a backcountry rescue for a lost and injured hiker on the Mount Morrison Trail. West Metro Fire Rescue Technical Rescue Team was requested. The hiker was injured while off the trail on Mt. Morrison after becoming disoriented in the downpour that hit most of the metro area overnight. Deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office also responded and set out to locate the downed hiker. Cell phone “pings” from the hiker’s phone through Jeffcom Dispatch helped guide rescuers, and he was finally located over three miles from the trailhead. The hiker was able to walk down with assistance and was transported to a local hospital by Medic 285. Additional information provided by West Metro Fire Rescue

Units on Scene:

Foothills: 510 (Command) & Rescue 581

West Metro: District 2, SAM 2, Truck 14, Rescue 14, Rescue 10 (Reserve Tower) & Medic 10

Highland Rescue: 210 (Command) & Medic 285

Jefferson County Sheriff’s OfficeGenesee Fire Protection District & Jefferson County Open Space Park Rangers

Photo courtesy West Metro Fire Rescue

Photo courtesy West Metro Fire Rescue