Cherryvale Fire Protection District

Cherryvale Fire Protection District (CFPD), began in 1958 as an organized volunteer civil defense unit under the name “Rural Defense District # 3” in Boulder County. The initial concept for the department was originated by a small group of women on Cherryvale and Gapter Roads who were concerned about fire and rescue services for the area east of the City of Boulder. Cherryvale Volunteer Fire Department evolved in the late 1960’s.

In 1971 the Cherryvale Fire Department Inc, (CFD) was formed, and in 1978 the Cherryvale Fire Protection District (CFPD) was formed with the Superior Volunteer Fire Department joining the district. In 2007 the district merged with the Eldorado Springs-Marshall Fire Protection District to form the Rocky Mountain Fire District.

Station 1 – Cherryvale
Station 2 – Superior
Station 3 – Boulder
Station 4 – Kossler Lake
Station 5 – Rock Creek