Eagle Valley Wildland

Eagle Valley Wildland covers 382 square miles in Eagle County (Colorado). Eagle Valley Wildland (EVW) is an intergovernmental collaborative between Eagle County, Eagle River Fire Protection District, Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, Gypsum Fire Protection District. Resulting from the recognition of Colorado’s fire history and the presence of a growing wildfire threat within Eagle County, the EVW program was formed in August 2019. The program has continued to evolve and currently employs four full time staff dedicated to response, planning, mitigation, and community education. EVW is responsible for fire management activities across 831 square miles of Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), rural communities, forest, and rangeland. To accomplish this, the program functions as a pool of subject matter experts to coordinate pre, during, and post incident activities between the emergency response agencies, communities, and members of the public across its jurisdiction.

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