Clifton Fire Protection District

The Clifton Fire Protection District was founded in 1943, covering 15 square miles in Mesa County (Colorado) including the areas of Fruitvale, Pear Park, Price Ditch & Stub Ditch. The CFPD operates out of one station. (FDID #07710)

The Clifton Fire Protection District command staff previously oversaw the Palisade Fire Department. The Town of Palisade, Palisade Fire Department, and Clifton Fire District entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on January 12th, 2021 to pursue consolidation of fire services. The MOU brings the Palisade Fire Department under the command structure and administrative support of the Clifton Fire Protection District. This MOU was terminated in May of 2022 and both agencies returned to their previous operations without the consolidation of services.

The Grand Junction Fire Department, Grand Junction City Council, and Clifton Fire Protection District Board of Directors enacted an agreement starting January 1, 2023 where the city will assign a Deputy Fire Chief from the Grand Junction Department to the Clifton Fire Protection District to provide management and oversight operations. The contract will “advance the interests of both fire departments as they continue to evaluate and determine if a merger or other permanent relationship between the agencies may be accomplished for the long-term mutual benefit of Clifton and Grand Junction.” The contract will go through July 1, 2023.

Clifton Fire Protection District is dispatched by Grand Junction Regional Communication Center.

Station 21 – Clifton
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