Union Colony Fire Rescue Authority

Union Colony Fire Rescue Authority (UCFRA), covered 64 square miles in Weld County (Colorado) including the areas of Bittersweet, Boomerang, Brentwood, Centennial Park, Centennial Village, Garden City, Glenmere, Greeley, Greeley-Weld County Municipal Airport, Hazelton, Linn Grove, Neff Lake, Neuman Lake, Pheasant Run, University Of Northern Colorado-UNC, Union Colony Civic Center & West Greeley Lake. (FDID #12333)

Union Colony Fire Rescue Authority was formed when an agreement was reached between the Greeley Fire Department (Colorado) and the Western Hills Fire Protection District (Colorado) in 1997. The history of the Authority made several attempts to have other fire agencies join the Authority, and when it was realized that this would not occur beyond Greeley and Western Hills, it was time to begin the termination process, and the named was changed to Greeley Fire Department in 2011.

Station 1 – Greeley
Station 2 – Centennial Park
Station 3 – Bittersweet
Station 4 – Garden City
Station 5 – Monfort Park
Station 6 – Linn Grove
Station 7 – Hazelton


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